Out of hours emergency contractor details

PLEASE only contact contractors in circumstances of a genuine emergency
which we define as any defect resulting in any one of the following:

A: Risk of danger to the health, safety and security of a tenant at the property; or

B: Risk of danger to the health, safety and security of a third party at the property; or

C: A defect that affects the structure of the property

If your issue does not fall into any of the definitions above please report your issues online and we’ll endeavour to deal with the issues once the office re-opens.





PLEASE NOTE: Not having hot water or heating for 24/ 48 hours is not deemed as an emergency unless in extreme weather scenarios


If you can smell gas, please then please call National grid (formally Transco) on

0800 111 999

and vacate the
property immediately

Plumbing or heating

D&M Property Services on:

01722 448158


Austin Heating on:

07741 252 469


AM Electrical on:

07446 221 201


SGS Electrical & Heating

01722 331 066

When you do call, you will need to listen to the individual companies own
procedures and process when reporting an emergency.

If you do call out a tradesman and it is not deemed an emergency,
you may be charged for any call out.