*** We are still asking visitors to wear face coverings after 19/07/21.

This protects you and our staff ***

*UPDATED: 15/07/2021*

Following the latest Government Announcement with restrictions being lifted on 19/07/2021 there are still guidance and measures which need to be considered when it comes to the Property Sector.

We are open our normal hours, Monday to Friday and Saturdays which are now 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Updated guidelines from Government 

VISTING THE OFFICE  –  Despite the lifting of restrictions we would still prefer visits to be by appointment.


We will continue to carry out physical viewings, however, for the office itself, we would still prefer pre-booked APPOINTMENTS. This means unless you are a contractor, completing a Pre-arranged Tenancy Sign-Up or have called in advance and your issue cannot be dealt with via either telephone or email, we would prefer people didn’t visit the Office without an appointment.


We will continue to use our ‘Safe Zone’ situated at the front of our Office, this is allocated for the dropping off and collection of Keys for Contractors. If you are to be arriving for a pre-arranged appointment to complete a tenancy sign-up, within our ‘Safe Zone’ we have an additional area with a desk that is sanitised before and after each use. We also have handily placed hand sanitiser and we ask politely for these to be used by anyone entering the office.

We also have a QR code to allow visitors to check-in using the NHS COVID-19 app and would urge all customers who visit to use this when they arrive.

All other areas are private office spaces and unless invited otherwise visitors should not enter this office space.

If a personal appointment to visit the office is required our staff will wear a mask as appropriate.

Please see below answers to a few of the Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Am I able to come into the office? –

A: As stated above would still prefer by prior appointment only between the hours of 10:00 am – 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday, plus Saturday from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm and we will be limited to the number of people we will be allowed in the office at any one time. If you are able to correspond with us via either email or telephone instead, then we would ask that you do so. This avoids any unnecessary contact and helps us reduce risk and protect both our staff and visitors alike. We will continue to practice social distancing with visitors to the office

In accordance with the recent change in Government guidelines with regards to the wearing of face coverings whilst it will no longer be law from 19/07/2021, we will still politely urge visitors to wear a face covering. This is in accordance with guidance:

The Government still expects and recommends face-covering

in crowded and enclosed spaces.


Q. Can I arrange a viewing? (view the video below).

We are where possible providing a 360° tour enabling prospective tenants to conduct a ‘Virtual Viewings’ which is the safest way to view a property. Properties which we have this capability will be highlighted in both their description & photos. If you would like to do proceed on this basis, please feel free to get in contact via email on lettings@bassets.co.uk or call 01722 820580.

A: Yes, we are allowed to conduct physical viewings and are implementing strict guidelines for these to be carried out as safely as possible.

Please follow this link to our guidelines: COVID-19 Viewing Guidelines.



Q. Are you carrying out Valuations?

A: Yes, and we have two different options during these rather strange times.

  1.  We can visit your property, keeping a two-meter distance (where possible), wearing a face-covering and following recommended Government and industry Guidelines.
  2.  You can now book a virtual valuation by providing us with photos and or videos and other information allowing us to give you a figure in the safest possible manner.

Whichever you decide,  you can now book this through our website by clicking

The image is below.

Q. What is happening with maintenance?

For any maintenance issues, please report this via the Website & our Maintenance Reporting Button. We will try and deal with all issues as promptly as possible during this difficult time. All of our contractors are expected to follow government guidelines when visiting properties and we will still encourage the use of face coverings and adhere to social distancing where possible. We would also expect tenants to also help minimise risks during any contractor visit.

For Government Guidelines on Home Moving, please follow this link: COVID-19 Home Move Advice

Thank you for your patience & continue to stay safe


*** We still have a large proportion of our staff who have yet to receive their second vaccination jab and this is why we are still remaining cautious.