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Washing Machine & Dishwasher Blockages.

We have provided helpful videos which might help in finding a solution if your Washing Machine or Dishwasher has a blockage. These can be often easily sorted with basic DIY skills. In these circumstances the blockage will have been caused through use and under the tenancy is the Tenant’s responsibility to resolve.


If you have any other issues then please refer to the appliance manual and the troubleshooting section. If you do not have a manual.  these can often be found via a web search with google or bing.

If you’ve not been able to resolve the issue:

“So that your problem is dealt with as quickly as possible please provide us with as many of the details as possible for the affected appliance. Please include the appliance type, make, model and serial number (if possible). Please also provide an outline of the problem and describe any warning lights or unusual sounds or error codes.”


What is the problem?

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(ie Bathroom tap is leaking).

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