Water Leaks

For out of hours emergencies please use
the 'Out of Hours' link above.


If the water leak is only minor then use a container and or towel to trap and collect any water. This will prevent any further damage to either the property or your personal items. If the internal leak is more serious you will need to isolate the water to the area or property.

Video – How to find and use a Stop Valve.

The Stop Valve location will have been provided in your move-in paperwork or this can also be found in your inventory. If your property has an external water metre these often have a stop tap included.

Video – How to find and use an Isolation Valve.

The second video highlights how to use an Isolation Valve and these are often found on pipework leading to taps, appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers and can be simply turned on or off with a screwdriver or similar flat headed tool.

If the leak is caused by the use of a shower, bath or sink then please refrain from using the facility until a repair has been conducted. This will ensure no further damage is caused.

Please provide us with as much information as possible.

Please ensure when reporting the leak you provide information concerning the source of the leak any damage to the property including photos and an accurate description.

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(ie Bathroom tap is leaking).

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