At Bassets Lettings, we understand that renting a property can be an overwhelming and confusing process. As an award-winning lettings team, at Bassets Lettings we pride ourselves in providing open and honest advice which is fair and transparent. We endeavour to provide clear information at all times, such as the How to Rent Guide.

However, if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

Pre Tenancy Tenant Costs (All fees include VAT)
Holding Deposit (If successful, these monies will be used towards the rent and the deposit unless already returned) Equivalent to one week’s rent
Administration Referencing Fee (Company Let/Non-Housing Let e.g. Garage) £300 per Let/£200 per Let
Pet Surcharge: Dog/Cat etc 3% of the monthly rent
Pet Surcharge: Multiple or Other By agreement in relation to the potential of additional wear & tear
Damage Bond
Assured Shorthold Tenancy Let
Company Let

Equivalent to 5 week’s rent
Equivalent to 6 week’s rent
One month’s rent plus £250

Tenancy Tenant Default & Permitted Charges
Early Termination Fee An appropriate Fee taking into account the length of the original fixed tenancy and any costs incurred by re-letting the property early.
Replacement Key or Security Device (‘default’ fee) The cost of the replacement Key or Device.
Late Rent Payment Interest charged at the Bank of England Rate – Rate plus 3%
Any Change in Tenancy or to the Tenancy Agreement £60 including VAT
Missed Appointments: For example where access has been arranged via the Tenant for a Contractor The amount of any loss suffered by the Landlord or Bassets
Arranging Post Tenancy Works: e.g. To cover the costs of arranging post tenancy works that the tenant has breached the tenancy terms. Relevant compensation to the Landlord.

*All fees include VAT where applicable

Please note Bassets don’t offer a first-come, first-served viewing and application process. We will endeavour to allow the appropriate time frames for both viewings and any applications to be received. This allows all interested parties the same chance of having their offer and application considered by the landlord.

When arranging viewings, we will endeavour to deal with enquiries in chronological order, paired with suitability for the property. An initial grouping of approximately 10 viewings will be arranged and re-assessed after this point depending on interest and if any applications have been received.

This does not mean that all viewings that have been pre-booked will take place (see below) as a landlord can choose to accept an application and offer at any stage. Landlords are always informed when receiving an application/offer if there are other viewings booked to take place.

Our aim during this process is to find our clients the most suitable tenant for them and the property.

Application/Offers & Holding Deposit

A Holding Deposit of one week’s rent will only be paid, once the Landlord agrees to proceed after you have registered your firm interest in renting the property. This deposit is paid once the Landlord has formally accepted your application and offer, following the completion of your ‘Offer & Application Form’ and is subject to referencing and contract. The completed application form constitutes your offer to rent the property. At this point, a Deadline for the Agreement Date is set by which time both the Tenant and the Landlord are required to have entered into a Tenancy.

Once the holding deposit is paid the property will be removed from the market unless we state otherwise. At this point, we will cancel all other viewings and inform all other parties their application has been unsuccessful.


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Before being accepted as a Tenant, you will be asked to complete an Offer & Application form that constitutes your formal offer. The landlords have then forwarded all offers and applications with the final decision to accept or reject an offer totally down to the landlord.

Once an offer is accepted we’ll process a full reference using an independent referencing company. This will include:

  • Full credit score
  • employer reference / Accountants letter (if self-employed).
  •  A previous Landlord reference (as appropriate).

If you think there may be any problems with your reference (poor credit, still working in a probation period or missed rental payments or arrears) you must advise us before referencing commences and there are provisions within the offer & application form to make this clear.

As part of this process, we are required to check that Tenants comply with the Government’s “Right to Rent” guidelines. Accordingly, you will be asked to provide proof of your right to rent. In most cases, a UK passport will suffice, however, if you’re a non UK  National you may need to provide further details to confirm your right to reside in the UK. Please contact us for further information.

Return of Holding Deposit

If the Landlord rejects your application, any Holding Deposit paid will be refunded to you. However, the following situations are likely to lead to the Holding Deposit being retained in full:

  • Any Tenant fails a Right to Rent check;
  • Any Tenant provides false or misleading information which would reasonably and adversely impact on the Landlord’s decision as to the Tenant’s suitability to rent the property;
  • Any Tenant changes their mind prior to the Deadline for Agreement and decides not to rent the property;
  • Any Tenant fails to take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement.

Damage Deposit

Once your reference has been approved and you are ready to move in, you will be required to pay the first month’s rent 10 days in advance plus the Damage Deposit. Should the Landlord accept a pet at the property, there is likely to be a Pet Surcharge added to the monthly rent. The Damage Deposit is set to five weeks’ rent.

The Damage Deposit is registered by Bassets with an approved deposit scheme and may be used if you fail to meet your legal obligations set out in the Tenancy Agreement and subject to your agreement and in accordance with the deposit scheme guidelines.

Day of Move-In

On the proposed day of move-in, you will be invited into the office after 1:30 pm to collect keys and sign the paperwork, you should then allow around 30 minutes for this process to take place. Please do not arrange any for of removals or transport until this date has been confirmed.

Note: When a date has been arranged to come in, you must make sure you have allowed enough time prior, for rent & deposit to have been paid and be IN CLEARED FUNDS IDEALLY 10 DAYS PRIOR TO MOVE-IN.

Deposit Registration

The existence of the Damage Deposit is registered with an approved Deposit Scheme and a certificate is sent to you confirming this.

Protecting your Money (CMP)

Please follow this link to our Client Money Protect Page

Payment of Rent

After the first months rent and deposit is paid, all future rent must be paid promptly in advance by standing order.  This will normally be due on the same day your tenancy started (unless agreed otherwise). This will prevent any late payment of rent and the associated issues which may arise from this.