Bassets Terms & Conditions


Bassets Referral Scheme – Terms & Conditions

By referring a friend to use Bassets services, the referring party will be in line to receive a referral fee from us as a thank you. the referring party may choose to either receive the money themselves OR elect to ask us to donate the money to any charitable cause or local community project.


1. Only a person who has previously used Bassets to let a property may use the Referral Scheme incentive

2. If you have rented a property through Bassets and would like to take advantage of our Referral Scheme, please contact for more details.

3. A referring Landlord is not entitled to the Referral Scheme incentive if they no longer use Bassets’ services, at the point at which the person being referred signs a Landlord agreement.

4. There is no limit to the number of referrals one person can make. Each time a referral is made, the relevant Landlord will receive the incentive, provided the terms of this Scheme are met.

5. All monetary values mentioned in this document include VAT (gross).

6. The person making the referral must complete a Referral Scheme Form and send it to Bassets before any formal instructions are received by Bassets from the person being referred.

7. Where an existing Landlord another Landlord, each Landlord will receive a referral fee*.

8. The existing Landlord may either have the amount deducted from their monthly management fee or, in the event they use our Private Landlord or Tenant Finding Service, can receive either a cheque or give to charity instead.

9. The existing Landlord will become entitled to the incentive only once the Landlord being referred has a signed Landlord Agreement on the property they are letting out with Bassets.

10. If the Landlord being referred withdraws their property from the market, neither Landlord will be entitled to the incentive.

*This only applies if the New Landlord is using a Fully Managed Service