COVID-19 Viewing Guidance

COVID-19 Viewing Guidance

*UPDATED 15/07/2021*

The Government has permitted Residential Letting Agents and other Property Professionals can carry out viewings.

Here at Bassets, we hold the safety of our Staff, our Clients and our Contractors in the highest regard and we have therefore formulated these simple Guidelines in relation to physical Viewings to comply with the Government’s advice.


Before your Viewing takes place, you must read and understand the following so you:

• Know in advance that you fulfil the requirements to enable your viewing to go ahead;

• Understand how your viewing will be conducted including any restrictions; and

• Appreciate the lengths we are going to, to ensure the safety of all of us.


• Before the viewing is to take place we will call on the morning to confirm your answers to the above questions and confirm you are still happy to proceed. Please note, if you or anyone in your household develop or show symptoms you must advise us and cancel the viewing immediately.

• If you, or a member of your household, develop ANY Covid-19 symptom, you must advise us and cancel the viewing.

• We will arrive at the property in good time, unlock the property, sanitise the external doors, ask the existing tenants to either vacate the property or occupy the garden (if possible), then sanitise and open all internal doors.

• We are still going to ask viewers to wear appropriate Face covering to protect both you, our staff and any occupier. Viewings can be attended by people from different households, but want to keep this to a minimum. If there are large numbers above three then please let us know and we will have to consider a slightly longer appointment to allow smaller groups.

• You will still require tenants not to touch anything during the Viewing and therefore do not require gloves. Whilst wearing of a mask is mandatory for vacant and occupied properties, we are still politely asking viewers to wear face coverings.

Despite the changes on 19/07/2021, we will still continue as follows:

• Social distancing must be practised at all times.

• If you require any documents such as Property Brochure, Application Form etc. These can be provided to you in a digital form, sent via email after the viewing/s.

• We will then ask that you return to our vehicle after the viewing and safely dispose of gloves (if you have used them) and sanitise your hands again.

• When we return to our vehicles after each Viewing, we will safely dispose of our gloves and use hand-gel to give our hands a good wash. We will also wipe down any equipment we have used during the visit.

If at any point we feel the viewing cannot be carried out safely, we will cancel immediately!

If you would like to see the exact Government Guidelines on this, please follow this link: COVID-19 Home Move Advice

Virtual Viewings

Virtual Viewings


With the current COVID-19 lockdown we are following both the Government & ARLA Propertymark guidelines. With this in mind, it is not possible to conduct a physical viewing at a property as this is not ‘essential’ movement”. We have also deemed a property visit for the purpose of a video tour or similar as non-essential.

With this in mind, we have taken the decision to conduct virtual viewings differently. If you are to show an interested in one of our properties which is displaying both the Image & Text to stay we are conducting virtual viewings, we will be able to provide you with additional information so you can make an informed decision without the risk of a viewing or a staff member conducting a “live” video tour.

This additional information will include; Access to all our Marketing Material, a Floorplan and access to additional detailed photos. We feel by providing this extra information you will have an in-depth insight to the property and have the confidence to make an application for the property.

From this point, if you would like to proceed with an application on a property, we will be more than happy to oblige. Then once Lockdown measures have become relaxed and we have been given guidance to do so, we will allow you to see the property first hand and in the safest manner possible.

We feel during this time, these measures are the safest and most practical for our staff and customer and will continue until we receive further announcements from both the Government & ARLA Propertymark